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Question: Assalamualikum I would like to know what shariah tells us about women working ? What are the pre requisites that she should observe while working in a enviroment where there is inter mingling between opposite genders ? what type of work she can or cannot do ? and any more relevant things to consider regarding women working ?Assalamualikum.

There is no difference between men and women in regard to working in a mixed environment as the same rules apply to both. Rules of interaction between males and females in Islam are clear.  Briefly stated, they involve the following: men and women in Islam are ordered to be modestly attired, avoid being isolated with a member of the opposite gender; and not engage in flirtatious behavior, thus,

closing all doors to temptations. It would be wise to remember the saying of The Prophet (peace be upon him) that, "When a man isolates himself with a woman, the third companion is the devil."


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