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Question: I am 18-years old. I was giving a 6-year old little girl a ride for fun on my back while I was doing push-ups when they came to my house for a party. She said it was fun and I thought it would be fun to play with little kids. They are so cute. She, the little girl, told her mother and the little girl told me her mother said she is not supposed to go near boys and she was kind of upset. I don't understand why. Was I doing something wrong? The little girl is not even mature. Is her mother who is my tenant right to be angry or does she just has a perverted mind? Please help me out.

Although it may not be strictly considered as haraam, it is definitely something to stay away from in the specific milieu we live. How often we are horrified of reading and hearing stories of sexual abuse involving children? As our scholars in the past have pointed out that the laws of shar’ah may become more rigorous and stringent in proportion to the degree of perversities people innovate. In other words, even though what you did may not be considered as strictly forbidden in the Qur’an and the Sunnah, still it is something to be discouraged when we take into account the rampant corruption all around us. So even though your intention may be simply innocent, the mother of the girl is wiser in telling her that it is wrong to do so. By keeping ourselves from such activities, we only benefit ourselves as we will be better enabled to preserve intact our religion and honor. The Prophet, peace be upon him, said, “Leave that which is doubtful in favor of that which is not doubtful.” A great scholar of the past said, “A person can never be expected to attain true piety until he leaves some of the things which may be considered as permissible in order to keep himself away from falling into sins.”

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