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Question: Many sisters feel under pressure to buy western style clothing und especially underwear to be attractive for their husbands at home. Yet they feel not in agreement to clothe in this manner. What are the scholars opinions?

What married couples wear in each other’s presence or company for their mutual pleasure and enjoyment is not anybody’s business; for it is something entirely left to their own discretions. In other words, there is nothing un-Islamic about it; we are not allowed to be rigid about matters that have been left un-legislated in Islam. The Prophet, peace be upon him, said, “Allah has enjoined certain duties, so fulfill them; He has forbidden certain things, refrain from them; He has set certain limits, do not trespass them; He is silent of certain things, do not dig into them.” In another report, “Whatever Allah is silent of, shall be deemed as being excused.”

Furthermore, it confirms only to the higher purposes of the Shari’ah for married couple to appear as pleasing, enticing and alluring towards each other as possible, so that each one of them find their consummate fulfillment within the marital bounds—provided they do no transgress the limits. It is worth remembering that Islam celebrates sexuality, and considers it as an act of worship when practiced within the bounds of a lawful union. That is why the Prophet, peace be upon him, is reported to have said, “I prepare myself (by appearing attractive for her) just as she prepares herself (by appearing attractive) for me.” So enjoy wearing your lingerie and bikinis in the presence of your husband.

May Allah make all of us self-sufficient with what He has prescribed as lawful for us so that we are never enticed to seek fulfillment through what He has made unlawful for us-aameen.

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