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Question: Is there any Islamic Date Forbidden for Nikah( solemnization of marriage)? Some people say Nikah should not be performed on 8th or 28th of a month. Also I have heard that one should perform Nikah before 15th of a month, is it right?

There is no such ban in Islam on performing nikah in any of the dates you have mentioned; nor is there anything stated in the authentic sources of Islam to indicate that one should perform marriage before the 15th of a month. If it had been forbidden to do so, the Prophet, peace be upon him, would have said so clearly and explicitly. Nor do we find such a thing stated in any of the statement of the salaf al-ssalih, the first three generations of Islam, or their representatives, the four Imams and their authentic teachings.

It is, therefore, safe to conclude that such a notion or belief is clearly contrary to the teachings of Islam. It is therefore more than likely to be superstitions that have crept into the community from alien sources. Let us therefore preserve the pristine purity of our faith by rejecting such unwarranted beliefs and superstitions.

The Prophet, peace be upon him, said, “Leave this religion as I have left it, for nations before you perished because of their excessive questioning and their departure from the way of their prophets in religion.”

He also said, “This religion is simple and easy to follow; whoever makes it hard upon himself will only be himself/herself by their actions.”

May Allah help us all to preserve the pristine purity of our faith-aameen.

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