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Question: Can husband and wife use bad sexual language talking to each other only?

While married couples are free to indulge in all lawful expressions of love, through words or actions, in order to make their sexual union as pleasing and recreational as possible, nevertheless, they are at all times governed by the bounds/limits of what is considered haram and halaal. To call each other bad names or use foul or obscene language while addressing or communicating with one another, even while making love, is considered definitely abominable. The Prophet, peace be upon him, said, “A believer cannot be a curser of people or accuser, or user of foul/obscene words or phrases.” When we learn that our words are part of our actions, and that we will be questioned about our speech even as we will be questioned about our actions, we must at all times stay away from evil speech. May Allah help us all to keep our tongues, hearts and minds pure-aameen.

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