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Question: What du’as (supplication) or aayaat (verses of the Qur’an) I can recite for my son to remain in Islamic ways, and make his faith strong. I live Canada. My son is ten years old; I try my best to practice Namaz & Quraan, but still I need to know some du’as to prevent him to watch un-Islamic programs on tv like wrestling, etc. Please let me know what can I do in this respect?

I must commend you for your desire to raise your son as a responsible Muslim. I pray to Allah to give you success in your efforts.

Before giving you the du'a you requested, let me point out a few things which should help you in raising your son as a responsible Muslim:

1. Practice Islam as best as you can at home; for children learn what they practice at home and not what you preach to them;

2. This means that you all should be diligent in prayers and observing Islamic manners in speech, actions and behavior with one another;

3. Enroll him in Islamic activities organized in your community where he will be interacting with children of his own age group;

4. Do not completely shut him out from tv or any other pastime; rather control the time and supervise him while he is watching and try to wean him away from them gradually by giving him other lawful alternatives: Try to make him busy with activities that keep him interested - activities that are beneficial for him;

5. Enroll him in sports or games where he will be interacting with other children of his own age group.

As for du'as, you may offer the following: Rabbanaa hab lanaa min azwwajinaa wa dhurriyyaatinaa qurrata a'yunin wa ij'alnaa li al-muttaqeena imaaman (Our Lord, grant us in our spouses and our children eh joy of our eyes, and make us models for people who are God-fearing) Rabbi ij'alnee muqeema al-ssalaati wa min dhurriyyattee rabbanaa wa taqabbal du'aai (My Lord! Make me steadfast in observing the Prayer - and also my children, our Lord.) Allaahumma aslih lee fee dhurriyyattee (O Allah! Make righteous for me my children.) I pray to Allah to grant you success in your efforts-aameen.

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