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Question: I am 21 years old. I don't celebrate my birthday with birthday parties. But is it acceptable in Islam if I invite some friends and relatives of mine and treat them with food without telling them that the foods are for my birthday? To what extent celebrating birthday is haram in Islam?

Celebrating birthdays has been a contentious issue among scholars: While one group opposes it, others approve of it as long as one refrains from all objectionable rituals and practices. Those who approve of it are basing on the principle of jurisprudence, which states that customs cannot be deemed as haraam unless forbidden by Shari'ah; or unless there are evils associated with it. The case is different with religious rituals and beliefs, which can never be instituted except by the clear sanction of the Law-Giver.

In light of light of the above, if it is a custom in your culture or country then you may do it as long as you stay away from the following: 1. Wastage and extravaganza; 2, Music and un-Islamic rituals and practices. In case of celebrating the birthday you may do well to give thanks to Allah by giving charities to the poor, and reading some Qur'an and offering du'as and supplications.

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