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Question: I was not taught how to read the Qur'an until my late teens, but even than I was taught only few verses, without learning how to read arabic. Now I am 20, struggling to learn on my own with the help of tapes and booklets. I am unable to attend any formal classes. Nevertheless, the tapes seem to be sufficient for me now. However, my sister who is 6 years old is in the same situation I was before hand. I do not want her to struggle as much as I did, but I am unable to take her to any classes either. Can I use the tapes and internet programs to learn along with her without a formal teacher? If so, can you recommend any tapes, CDs of any kind to help us begin the process of reading the Qur'an?

The best way to learn the Qur'an is from the mouth of a trained teacher; so try to find one if you can. It should not be very hard to find one if you are living in a major city like Toronto. If, for some reason, you are unable to find one, then still you should not be held back from taking whatever steps you can in order to learn how to read the Qur’an according to the best of your ability and means.

You can certainly make use of courses on Video or DVDs or CDs or even cassette tapes for this purpose, provided they are produced by reputable reciters such as Shaikh Abdul Basit, Husary, Sudays, Hudhayfi, etc. They are readily available in almost all of the Islamic bookstores. You may obtain first a copy of Qur'an for Little Muslims (CDS/Cassettes) from Astrolabe, which has been produced especially for children. It would also be beneficial to supplement mere recitation of the Qur’an with exposure to the meanings of the recited Word; for this purpose “The Holy Quran for School Children - Part 30 Juz 'Amma” by Iqra should be beneficial.

A great work for gaining benefits from the Qur’an is: The Way to the Quran by Khurram Murad.

May Allah make the noble Qur’an a true source of light and mercy and guidance for us in this world as well as the next -aameen.

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