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Question: Assalamualaikum I am working in Dubai and my family staying in India. I am payig Fitrah on behalf of my family members. My question is how to calculate Fitrah of my family members? In Dubai it is considering as AED 20 per person. In India it is Rs.100 (around AED 6) per person. I am paying AED 20 as my Fitrah. For my family how much per person? AED 20 or Rs.100?


If you are working in Dubai, then you should calculate your Fitrah based on the standard of Dubai. If, on the other hand, you are a visitor to Dubai and you live and work in India, then you should follow the standard of India. 
You should pay Fitrah on behalf of all of your dependents, including your wife and children as well as your parents if they are not able to pay for themselves. You should calculate the total amount due at the rate of AED 20 per person. 
I pray to Allah to accept our charities and good deeds from all of us.


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