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Question: assalamualykum i have been working in a company for 2 years few months back i was transfered to another division of my same company there i worked for 6 days and then i was again returned back to the same division where i was working before but those 6 days salary i didnt get from my company saying you workd thre take from there and they said you are again transfered so take from there. the owner of both divisions are brothers now i got a chance and i made money from the same company illegal way by manipulating accounts now i felt i have done wrong so i have to pay back my question is do i have to really pay or if i think that my company did nt pay me for that 6 days so i can keep this money( which is taken through illegal way from company)?plz guide me

You are not allowed to take money from the company unlawfully; it is a double offense: cheating and stealing. The company trusted you when they employed you; you cheated them by misusing your position. That is indeed a grave sin. On top of that, you stole the money; theft is another grave sin.

As a Muslim, we are not supposed to betray our trusts: Allah says while describing the traits of the true believers: They are faithful to their covenants and pledges. And the Prophet, peace be upon him, said: "Signs of a hypocrite are three: if he promises he breaks it: If he speaks he lies; if trusted he cheats." (Reported by Bukhari)

As for stealing you can see the enormity of it when you think of the punishment prescribed in the Shari'ah.

You also ought to remind yourself of the dire warning of the Prophet (peace be upon him), said:

"The bankrupt person of my Ummah is the one who appears before Allah on the Day of judgment with lots of prayers, fasts, and charities while at the same time he is guilty of insulting someone, robbing someone, shedding the blood of another, hitting another… So each of his victims will be paid from the rewards of his good deeds. If his good deeds are exhausted, and his debts still remain unpaid, then the  sins of his victims will be imposed on him, and finally he will be flung to the fire-pit.” (Reported by Ib Hibban and others).

Therefore, I would advise you to return the money to the company and ensure your record with Allah is clean. You should do without delay while there are still a few more days left in this blessed month. Seize the opportunity and act immediately and make sincere repentance so that you can expect to come out of Ramadan as a winner.

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