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Question: Assalamu AlaikumI don't know what exactly is wrong with me My tells me worship Allah and seek for knowledge at that time I feel the zeal and urge to do so but later on that zeal is gone and it has been a daily routine in my life. Please advice me on what to do


I commend you for raising this question. It is something most people experience; it is human nature to feel complacent and slack sometimes; so we need to exercise vigilance and follow the practical steps prescribed by the Law Giver to combat it.
For details, please refer to the answer linked below.
It would also be beneficial for you to read the transcript of my Ramadan Farwell Khutba delivered at IIT last week titled FAREWELL TO RAMADAN: THE FOUR LESSONS TO TAKE WITH US.
You may read it in Recommended Readings section on this site.


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