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Question: Asalaamu alaikum. I just wanted to know the rules on about viewing the female body. My grandma passed away she was very old. Her uncles sons son which is her cousins son Wanted to see her face. Now I didnt want this to happen because as far as I know they are non mahram. But I was told that because they are blood and she is old it is ok. I didnt want to start an arguement so I left it as it was out of my control. I felt very humiliated because he did say to me over her dead body that only you know Hadith and we dont. All I simply said was your are not mahram you should not see her. Can you please tell me if this is acceptable in Islam or not. JazakAllah khair for your help


There is no need for you to be rigid over this issue. 
They are allowed to view her face after death - even as they were allowed to see her while she was alive. There is no reason to make a distinction.
The Prophet, peace be upon him, has warned us against rigidity in matters of religion. He told us that we are not to dig into issues that are not explicitly forbidden.
Allah has ordained specific duties; so do not be lax in performing them. He has forbidden certain things; so, stay away from them. He has set limits; so do not transgress them. And He is also silent of many things out of mercy for you; and not out of forgetfulness. So, do not dig into them. Then he recited the following verse, “Your Lord is never forgetful.” (Reported by Tabarani).
In conclusion, there is nothing wrong with her relatives or friends in viewing the body of your grandmother after washing and shrouding.


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