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Question: Assalaamu alaikum I and my newly wedded wife are planning to perform our obligatory 1st hajj this year.My question is regarding the hajj expense of my wife. Should she use her personal savings in form of wealth and jewellry for hajj expenses as she is financially strong or should i use my finances as she is my wife.


If your wife is wealthy, then she should pay for her Hajj. That is ideal and more rewarding. If she cannot afford to do so, then you may choose to pay for it, and you will receive rewards. 
Hajj is an obligation on those who can afford it. Allah says: “Pilgrimage to the House is a duty owed to God by all people who can undertake it. And as for those who reject this (should know that) God does not need anyone.” (Qur’an: 3: 97).
The phrase ‘those who can’ is interpreted as the financial and physical ability. So, the hajj is not obligatory on those who cannot afford it financially. Based on this, your wife has to spend on her pilgrimage. 
Therefore, she should be willing to pay for it. 


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