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Question: is it allowed to work in western countries as a cashier in a clothing store which sell un islamic dresses to ppl?


You are allowed to work as a cashier in a clothing store.
The items you sell are not haram; it is the way that people use it makes it halal or haram. You are not responsible for people's actions. Your case, therefore, is not different from a person selling a carpet or any other item; a person may use it for a goodly purpose or a bad one. The store owner or cashier is not responsible for what they do with the items they buy.
If you have any whispering doubts in your mind about your income being tainted with impurity, you should cleanse it through Istigfaar and regular charities. Allah says, "Verily, good deeds blot out the evil deeds."  (Qur'an: 11: 14).
And the Prophet (peace be upon him) said, "Allah does not wash the bad with the bad; on the other hand, He washes bad deeds with good deeds." (Reported by Tabarani)
I pray to Allah to return to Him always seeking His mercy and forgiveness.


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