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Question: If someone is having intense pain in her/his hipbone how can that person recite Salah . Because while that person is trying to recite Salah and getting pressure on her/his hipbone it's so pain that he/she couldn't continue it ...


Salah is the most fundamental obligation in Islam, second only to testifying the Oneness of Allah. Allah tells us in the Qur'an that the commandment to pray was the second most crucial duty placed on every single prophet from Adam to Muhammad. When Allah spoke to Prophet Musa from the burning bush, He addressed him thus: "I am worship Me and establish prayer for celebrating My remembrance." (Qur'an: 20: 14)
The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, "The thing that sets apart a believer from a non-believer is Salah." (Reported by Muslim)
Therefore, at no time we are allowed to skip the Salah.
However, if a person cannot pray standing, he should do so sitting, if he cannot do it sitting, he should do so while lying down. If he or she cannot make the required postures, he can indicate the different positions as best as he or she can. 
Allah does not burden any soul beyond his or her ability or level of endurance. So, if you experience terrible pain in standing or bowing or prostrating, you can skip it and pray by completing all other requirements. One of the rules of jurisprudence: If a person cannot fulfill a specific condition, he is excused as long as he performs the same act of worship by completing all other requirements -  as best as he or she can. 
To conclusion: You ought to pray - even if you experience pain, but you are allowed to skip the postures that are most painful. 


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