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Question: Aslmwk. What do you do when you got married to someone that had sexual past relationship out of wedlock to many different people even some related to them how do you get over this move past this or can the marriage be an led.

 If the person has repented and changed his life around after marriage with you, you must never make it an issue.

 If, however, he is still pursuing his sinful lifestyle, then you ought to confront him. If he has no intention to change then, you cannot live with the man. You are justified in getting a legal divorce. 
We have no right to dig into someone's past after he or she has repented. The Prophet (peace be upon him) is reported to have said, "Whoever of you has been tested for these filthy acts in the past let them not lift the cover that Allah has placed over them." (Reported by Suyuti)
In another report, we read: "A person who has repented of sin (and lives a clean life after) is like someone who never sinned." (Reported by Ibn Hajar).
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