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Question: Why women rights are not even close to men. Why is this a man oriented religion? I will love to be in Islam if my answer is clear

I thank you for raising this question. You are misinformed about the true nature of Islamic teachings in regards to women. 

If you are willing to approach this issue objectively, you will see the diverse ways that Islam empowered women and restored her to a most honorable status. 
That is why when you consider the ratio of converts to Islam the proportion of women converts far exceed that of men. It is a fact that every year hundreds if not thousands of women are turning to Islam all over the world because of recognizing the truth of Islam.
I would invite you to peruse the following articles linked below:
If you still are not convinced, please let me know; I would gladly respond to you.
I pray to God to guide us to see the truth as truth and follow it and see the error as the error and shun it.



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