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Question: I have a question brother. I work with my brother and the work is haram and now alhamdullah I've repented and may Allah keep me sincere. I wish to abandon this work and I've advised my brother to do the same but he says that it would be difficult to succeed because he will loose so much. And I've can't decide if I should leave because I worry if I do my brother will have a more difficult time and I worry for the sake of my nieces and nephews. What should I do?

Islam teaches us that Allah has made lawful for us everything that is wholesome and pure; while He has forbidden everything that is impure and filthy. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “A body that is nurtured by impure earnings is a worthy fuel for Hell-fire.” (Reported by Tabarani)

When one of his companions asked him: “How can I ensure that Allah answers my prayers?”, he replied, “Make sure your earning are pure; Allah will answer your prayers.” (Reported by Tabarani)

He also cited the example of someone traveling all the way to the Sacred House for pilgrimage. Over there, he engages in intense supplications. He prays: "My Lord, My Lord…” while he earns his food from haram sources, his drinks from haram sources, and his clothes are also from the same. And his body is nurtured by haram. So, how could he expect Allah answer his prayers?” (Reported by Muslim).

Therefore, there is nothing more important for a Muslim than earning a livelihood through lawful means. A penny earned in this way is more blessed than millions of dollars one could earn through illicit and unlawful means.

So, I would urge you never to look back. Instead, you should stick with your decision to leave the work and look for something pure and halal. You should cry and beg for Allah’s mercy to forgive you. And pray to him in this way:

Allaahumma aghninee bi halaalik an haraamika wa bi ta’atika an ma’siyatikha wa bi fadlika ‘amman siwaaka

Allaahumma innee amalan  saalihan wa rizqan halal tayyiban

(O Allah, make me content with that which You have made lawful for me so that I do not turn to that which is haram. And make me content with Your obedience so that I do not disobey You and make me satisfied with Your favor so that I do not need to look to the mortals)

(O Allah, I beg you to bless me with righteous deeds and grant me provisions that are pure and lawful for me).

When you make sincere repentance and turn to Allah consistently, He will surely bless you and take care of you. Allah says: “Whoever is always mindful of Allah, Allah will facilitate things for him.” (Qur’an: 65: 4).

And the Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “Whoever consistently asks forgiveness of Allah, Allah will grant him relief and provide for him in ways he would never be able to estimate.” (Reported by Tabarani and others)

So, look for another job by putting forth the best of your efforts and trusting in Allah. And advise your brother to do the same. You will never have reason to regret your decision. Instead, you will see Allah showering you with His blessings.

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