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Question: Asalamoalikum I wish to ask a question on Islamic dress code for women in front of mental and non mehram. And if jeans is permissible to wear? Do I need to have a shawl over me after I am totally loosely covered? Does my shirt need to be below my hips? How is the actual concept as I always believed what the main thought behind is for some part of your body to not be very visible to have loose clothing over those parts but I have met some people who object it and tell me a few different things which confuse me please answer

 Islamic teachings on the dress for both men and women are intended to stress modesty, purity, and chastity. y.  The way we dress tells a lot about us. Allah has revealed laws which are meant to save us from evil inclinations inherent in our souls. 

 So what is important is to dress in such a way as to invite attention to your beauty of body or attire. We have testimonials of those who converted to Islam and their experience of interaction with men before and after.
All of them attest to the fact that before their conversion to Islam, men used to stare at them and even make lustful passes and comments; however, all of these changed when they chose to wear the modest Islamic dress covering themselves properly.
It,  in no way, means that you are forced to wear the traditional women’s dress worn in Arabia; you may wear loose fitting clothes of any culture as long as your dress meets the above requirements.
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