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Question: Due to some problems on our personal lives me and my mom moved into this room of an apartment or someone we know. A guy named Ibrahim also lives here us who takes care of the entire place. He wears a Taweez. I&aposm well aware of how black magic is associated with Taweez. Wearing it very common here. Today a man from India came and my mom talked to her and shared all our problems. He gave my mom a pen and told her to put some ink around her wrist and to give it to me. He also said that he'll see what dua's he can give. My mom came to me to give some ink. I immedietly noticed something was different and my mom had red ink on her wrist. She told me to put in on I told her it's black magic. She laughed it away. She tried to convince me and I went into the balcony qnd I shut the door. A few minutes later I noticed she wasn't in the room anymore. She was in another room and something that sounded like Arabic was being utteredbin the Indian man's voice. A few minutes later she came out and I asked her what she was doing she told me that she was just talking to the Indian man. I'm very scared. What should I do in this situation?

 Let me commend you for standing up to preserve your faith against such superstitious practices. I pray to Allah to help you persevere in the face of such tests and remain steadfast on the straight path: the path of tawhid. 

 Your mom has been duped by those who peddle superstitions to make a living. They are practicing shirk and black magic both of which are gravest sins in Islam. You should not fear them; they cannot harm you if you consistently take refuge in Allah and arm yourself with faith and spiritual immunities prescribed by Allah and His Messenger.
Get rid of the talisman as it is a form of shirk condemned by the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him). 
You can protect yourself against such snares of Satan by following the divine prescriptions. For details, please refer to the answer linked below.



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