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Question: Assalamu Alaikum Sheikh . I am a 22 year old BBA graduate living in Trivandrum Kerala. I have only studied until 5th standard in an Islamic Centre. Alhamdulillah I have started practicing recently. I am so desperate to get into the University of Madinah. I'm losing interest in this worldly life and all in my mind is to learn and act upon it. I'm trying to contact an alumni and suddenly i found about you. Please help me with the procedures things that i should and shouldn't do. Please help me Sheikh.


It would a tedious process for you to enroll in the Islamic University of Madinah without having any training in Arabic. Without Arabic and prior background in Islamic studies, you will be required to spend time in preparatory courses before getting admission into the university.
Therefore, I would urge you to enroll in an Islamic College; since you are in Trivandrum, the closest college is Azharul Uloom college in Alwaye. Once you have completed your course of studies there, you should be able to apply to the Islamic University of Madinah. 
Having said this, let me also point out that you don’t need to leave your training in business to pursue Islamic studies. In fact, you can serve the Muslim community better if you excel in your initial field of study while pursuing part-time studies in Islam.
Today we have a saturation of people with training in theology and jurisprudence while we don’t have many who excel in fields such as business, sciences, and humanities. So, you would be doing a better service to Islam by shining in your original field of study rather than switching to pursue Islamic studies from scratch.
I pray to Allah to inspire you to make the right decision and grant you success in your endeavor.


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