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Question: Asalamu Alaikum warehmatullah I have been married for about 5 months. Off late I think my wife is cheating on me. I dont have any proof but I think so. Like shes is hiding something from me. I tried to confront her many times but she says there isnt anything. I dont know what to do as it is driving me crazy. she doesnt let me see her phone. Sometimes I saw her texting to someone and subsequently deleting same or her phone is busy and ear phones plugged in and when I tell her why your phone is busy she responds it isnt. Please advice.


Marriage is built on mutual trust. So, if you have reasons to believe that your wife is hiding something from you, then you have a right to verify it. You may ask her why she is deleting and with whom she is chatting or texting? If she cannot give you satisfactory answers, then you are justified in being uncomfortable. You should make it clear to her that as her husband she owes you a clear explanation of her behavior.
If she is refusing to explain the matter clearly to your satisfaction, then you are allowed to think of divorce. However, it is only the last recourse; once you have tried to exhaust all other means. Perhaps you should suggest talking to your family physician to refer you to a counselor. 
If she is not willing to do anything and continues the behavior, then you are justified in taking the drastic measure since marriage is built on mutual respect and trust.
I pray to Allah to guide her heart to see the harm she is causing through her behavior and guide both of you to settle the matter amicably and on terms that are pleasing to Allah.


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