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Question: Assalaamalaykum I hope my message reaches you in good health question is more so a problem that I am facing in my marriage and don't know how to deal with it I've been married for 6 months and have realised my husband is a bud addict and also drinks alcohol and also is speaking to women and seeing and dating them I am stuck in a very awkward situation I don't know what to do please help me

I understand and empathize with your situation. You should tell him that you cannot continue in the marriage unless he agrees to go for counseling and take the necessary steps to change the permissive lifestyle.

If he does not agree to do so and you are not able to trust him, then you should leave him. Islam does not compel you to live in a miserable marriage: There is nothing more miserable than the infidelity and permissiveness of one's partner.

I pray to Allah to inspire you to make the right decision.

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