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Question: If someone passes away during the first 10days of Dhul Hajj does this mean anything? My second question is that if we perform umrah or Hajj on behalf of a deceased does all their sins get forgiven? If a individual has a peaceful death (believers death) does that mean he/she will go straight to heaven?


There is nothing in the authentic sources of Islam to indicate any special rewards or blessings of passing away in the first days of dhul hijjah. The first ten days of dhul hijjah are indeed some of the most blessed days in the Islamic calendar. 
We have a report attributed to the Prophet stating that if a person dies on Friday, he will be spared of the punishment of the grave. (Reported by Ahmad and Tirmidhi). 
However, it is important for us to know a person’s destiny is determined by the state of his faith at the time of his death. The Prophet (peace be upon him), "A person dies on the way of life he lives, and he will be raised up in the way of life he dies.” (Cited by Haythami in al-Zawajir)
We also learn from the traditions that if "Allah wants to choose a person for His favor, He will engage him in the work that is pleasing to Him."  (Reported by Ibn Hibban)
And the Prophet (peace be upon him) further said, “Whoever dies while uttering there is no god but Allah just before his death, he/she will enter paradise.” (Reported by Abu Dawud and others)
In conclusion, although the first ten days of dhul hijjah are blessed, a person’s status in the hereafter is determined by his state of  Iman (faith) at the time of death; the fact a person dies in peace in a state of purity and dhikr is indicative of an auspicious end.
I pry to Allah to honor us steadfastness on faith until our last breath and forgive our dear ones who have passed away and unite us all in the company of the righteous on the Day of Resurrection.
As for your second question, the Prophet (peace be upon him) tells us that "A virtuous Hajj does not merit any reward other than paradise.” (Reported by Tabarani)
He also said, “Whoever performs Hajj while staying away from acts of lewdness and sins, he or she will come home free of sins like newborns.” (Reported by Tirmidhi).
The fact a person dies in peace and a state of faith and dhikr is as mentioned is indeed a promising sign.

 I pray to Allah to honor us to die in a state of dhikr and sound faith.

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