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Question: Assalamualaikum I'm currently renting an apartment and living with my wife and son. My father in law recently built an apartment and gifted it to my wife. My wife wants us to move to this apartment. Is it permissible for me to move to this apartment? Some people think this is like dowry and haram in Islam. Please clarify. JZK


You are allowed to move into the apartment given to your wife as a gift by her father.  It is not considered a dowry as long as you never asked for a dowry before marriage. Parents may give any present to their daughter or son; as long as they are not discriminating in favor of one child over another. 
Those who are advising you not to move into the apartment as per your wife's request are offering wrong advice.
They may do well to exercise caution in doling out advice in matters of religion based on personal whims and caprices. As Imam Ibn al-Qayyim it is akin to associating partners with Allah.
Allah says, "But do not say of falsehood asserted by your tongues, “this is permissible, and this is forbidden,” to fabricate a lie against Allah:  for those who invent a falsehood against Allah will not thrive.” (Qur’an: 16: 116).
Having said this, let me also hasten to state: The apartment you are moving belongs to your wife; you are not to claim it as yours - in case of any dispute with your wife in future. 
You are living there as her guest unless she wants to consider it as a  shared property. 



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