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Question: Abdul Muttalib name should be given to a boy or not ?

 You should not choose this name for your son. You should choose names such as Abd Allah, Abd al-Rahman, Abd al-Wahhab, Abd al-Mannan, Abd al-Tawwab, Abd al-Aziz, etc. or any other suitable name. Mind you there is no shortage of good names to consider. 

Abd al-Muttalib means servant of Muttalib. 
Islam teaches us that we are all servants of Allah, the One, and only God, the Creator and Sovereign Lord of the universe. Therefore any name denoting our servitude to any besides Allah is contrary to the teachings of Islam. Islam jealously guards the Unity and Oneness of Allah and does not tolerate any compromise in this matter. 
Hence the Prophet (peace be upon him) changed names such as Abd al-Kaaba (servant of Ka'bah) to Abd Allah. Likewise, he changed names with pagan or unpleasant associations or meanings. Therefore, the name Abd al-Muttalib is not befitting a Muslim since a Muslim is not a servant of anyone but Allah. 
For details on the Islamic etiquettes of naming children, you may refer to the answer linked below:



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