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Question: Assalamualykum I just need some help. My parents are going for umrah at the end of November and I want go as well but I have to miss a week of university which I'm willing to miss because I always wanted to perform Umrah. But I'm still stressing because I have assignments and exams right when I'm back from Saudi. Please help me what should I do. Thank you


 I understand that you are a young person whose priority is to excel in your studies; you cannot expect to excel in your studies if you are ill-prepared for your exams and assignments.
Umrah is not obligatory on you. Therefore, I would advise you to postpone Umrah until such time that you fulfil your greater priorities. We may do well to remember the advice of Caliph Abu Bakr to Umar: "Remember that Allah does not accept a voluntary good deed you perform unless you fulfil your obligatory duty first."
Having said this, if you can do Umrah without compromising your studies you may go with your parents and pray to Allah to bless you in your studies.
I pray to Allah to bless you in your choice. 


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