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Question: Assalamualykum I have named my 1 year old son Adnan Zakariya Choudhury and he is called by his first name 'Adnan'. Should I change the name around so that Zakariya becomes his first name? Could you please tell me the meaning of Adnan and whether it is a good name to keep? Jazakallah Khayr


Adnan is one of the old Arabic names; the word in Arabic means one who is a permanent resident of a place. It is the name of one of the ancestors of the Prophet which connects him to Prophet Ismaeel, the son of Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon them all). 
There is nothing in Shari'ah to disapprove of this name. So, you may call your sin either Adnan or Zakariya as you choose. The second one is the name of Prophet Zakariya (peace be upon him). I pray to Allah to bless your son and the family through him.


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