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Question: Question assalaaam alaykumi have my uncle who passed away few minutes ago and he was entered islam but he didn't tell family.our family is strict and i am too young to decide in our family. I'm in dilemma about the way his funeral will. be executed i mean not in islamic way.what to do

If your uncle did not proclaim his faith in Islam to the members of his family, it is understandable that his family arrange his funeral according to the practices of the family he was born into and brought up.

Being a minor yourself, you cannot do anything about it. All that you can do is to pray to Allah on his behalf.

You should read Fathiah and offer supplication to Allah to forgive him and accept him in His mercy.

Here is a short Du'a you can read:

Allaahumma ighfir lahu wa irhamhu wa adkhilhu al-janna wa qihi fitnata al-qabri wa ‘adhaaba al-nnaar)

(O Allah, forgive him and have mercy on him, and admit him into paradise and save him from the trials of grave and hell-fire).

We must trust the judgment of Allah and leave the matter to Him.

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