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Question: What is the reality of bandish? Can it become an obstacle in getting marrital proposals?

 There is no room in Islam for such superstitious beliefs. Islam teaches us that Allah alone has the absolute power over all affairs of the universe. No one can benefit or harm us unless Allah wills it. So I would urge you to refuse to give in to such false beliefs and enhance your faith in Tawhid. Remember the early Muslims were slaves of such superstitions broke such shackles and empowered themselves by believing in Allah and self-confidence.  Thus, they overcame all the obstacles and led the world and changed the course of history. 

We can follow their example and change our destiny by correcting our beliefs and adhering firmly to the right concept of tawhid.
I would urge you to follow the tips of empowerment. I have also included another link to the proper tips for immunity against evils of black magic and Satanic whisperings.



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