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Question: I want to be a youtuber in the feild of comedy i am going to wear hijab so i wanted to ask if its allowed for me to do without violating islamic rules


Before deciding on this issue, you should ask yourself:
1. What purpose the comedy serve and what would be the outcome or impact of those who watch the drama.
If the answer is affirmative and you firmly believe that there is nothing unethical about it, rather it certainly would have a beneficial effect,  then this is the first step.
2. Next step is to examine your intention: Is it primarily to please Allah by contributing to the betterment of society?
If both of these tests are positive, then you should ask: Are you able to maintain the Islamic decorum and manners such as wearing the modest Islamic attire and observe the Islamic guidelines in male-female interactions? If the answer is affirmative, then you may proceed with it. Otherwise, you should not. 
Remember Allah tells us in the Qur'an that we are accountable for our actions, words, and thoughts and that our hands, feet, and limbs would testify either for us or against us. 


I pray to Allah to inspire you to make the right decision and bless you to work to please Him. 

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