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Question: Can we do marriage in the month of Safar?


There is nothing in the authentic Islamic sources or jurisprudence to prohibit engagement or marriage or wedding feasts or celebrations during any of the months, including Muharram, Safar, and even Ramadan (as long as one does not break the rules of fasting during the day).
For details, let me cite here from one of my earlier answers: 
"There is nothing in the sources of Islam to forbid Muslims from engaging in sexual intercourse with their spouses during the month of Muharram. However, we must know that no sexual intercourse is allowed while we are fasting, and it should be common knowledge that we are recommended to fast on the ninth as well as the tenth of Muharram.
It should be comforting for us to know that, in Islam, no one is allowed to declare things as haram (forbidden) based on pure whims and fancies without the sanction of revelation.
There is nothing in the Qur’an to indicate that we are not allowed to get married or forging marital unions during the month of Muharram, nor there is anything in the Prophet’s traditions or the traditions of pious forbears or in the teachings of the authentic schools of jurisprudence to that effect. If there had been such a thing, the Prophet (peace be upon him) would have stated it.
Therefore, those who persist in such beliefs are simply following customs that have no basis in authentic religious knowledge. It is high time that we isolate such customs from the fundamental religious beliefs and practices.
In conclusion, there is no ban on sexual intercourse during the month of Muharram except during the day time if and when we are fasting."



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