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Question: AoA I am in jeddah from last 7 8 days. While I was coming to jeddah i had intention of performing umrah but as it was 7 of dhul hijjah it was not allowed to enter makkah with Ihraam without Hajj Permit. So cross the meeqaat without ihraam and came to Jeddah. Now I am in jeddah from last 7 8 days and i ll stay here for 2 more days. I want to perform Umrah now. My question is do I have to go meeqaat or can I go to makkah directly from Jeddah.


You were not allowed to assume ihram for Umrah before you crossed the Meeqaat; so, you are not obliged to assume ihram before reaching Jeddah. Since you had to wait for the authorities to lift the restrictions for allowing you to travel to Makkah, you could only fulfil your intention for Umrah now.
Since now you are in Jeddah, like everyone who is a resident of Jeddah, you need not go outside Jeddah for assuming ihram for Umrah; rather you should do so from your hotel or place of residence. Allah tells us in the Qur'an that we are not accountable for matters that are beyond our ability or means.
In conclusion, you don't have to go out of Jeddah to assume ihram; rather you should do it in Jeddah and then proceed to Makkah to fulfil Umrah requirements.
I pray to Allah to accept your Umrah.  


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