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Question: What's the name of 3rd son of Adam.
No one has the correct answer to this question since there is no mention of it in the authentic sources. Therefore, all that we can know is speculative at best. 
Imam Ibn Jarir reports that Adam had one hundred and twenty children, including boys and girls. He also mentions that Shith was born five years after the death of Habeel, who was the 2nd of Adam’s son, the other being Qabeel. Therefore, some assume that Shith was the 3rd of his sons. Though there is no textual evidence to support it. Ibn Jarir also states that all of the children of Adam proceeds from Shith who was a prophet after Adam. Allah alone knows the truth. 
I would urge you not to waste your precious time on such matters since they entail no practical benefits. Therefore, we might as well spend time on greater priorities that concern us.


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