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Question: Asalamualaykum In January 2017 me my wife and my children decided to book a holiday to Dubai in August. My eldest daughter had also booked for the same holiday for her husband and 2 young children. Unfortunately my son in law passed away a few weeks ago. I have been made aware that I will not get any money back if I cancel the trip. I truly understand that as a Muslim woman she needs to abide by the 4 month 10 day rule. However if she is not able to go with us none of the other family members will go nor will I get money back. Also my heart is breaking to even think about leaving her and my grandchildren alone especially in their time of need. Obviously she will be still mourning for her husband and will dress modestly. Will I be sinful if I take her with me? Will she be sinful if she goes? Please get back to me in sha allah as I am very worried for my daughter thanks
I pray to Allah to inspire you daughter to accept Allah's will with patience. May the Infinitely Merciful One also forgive your son-in-law and admit Him to paradise.
Now as for taking your daughter with you, you may do that if she cannot be left alone. However, while traveling, she needs to stay away from all adornments and beautifications. She should also avoid unnecessary social interactions. 
I am giving this ruling based on the fiqh of Aishah, the beloved wife of the Prophet (peace be upon him). We learn from the sources that Aishah, the scholar par excellence, used to with her the widows of family circle to Umrah. When questioned about it, her answer was: Iddah is all about attitude. In other words, its intent is to forbid women from appearing attractive in front of men since they are not allowed to solicit marriage proposals before the expiry of the waiting period.
In light of the above, you may take your daughter and her children with you as you have no other option; leaving them behind would not be an ideal option as it may drive her to depression.
I pray to Allah to give you and your family strength, faith and patience to deal with this tragedy. 


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