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Question: As salam alaikum Shaykh I am visually impaired legally blind. I have a condition called retinitis pigmentosa which leads to blindness. I am still functioning. Mobility is increasingly becoming a challenge especially in sunny days. I am however still able to walk and go to work. My question is: given my condition is hajj fard on me? JazakAllah khayr for your answer.
I pray to Allah to help you overcome the challenges you face and grant you sound health and steadfastness in faith.
Now, let me come directly to your question:
Hajj is obligatory on everyone who can undertake the journey. Allah says, "It is a duty upon mankind to perform pilgrimage to the (sacred) House - upon those who can afford it." (Qur'an: 3: 97)
The ability mentioned above means both financial and physical. The first refers to possessing financial resources to pay for the travel to and back to your hometown after saving enough to support your family (i.e. your dependents) while you are away. And the physical ability denotes your ability to travel. In your case, if your impaired vision requires taking an assistant then you should have enough to provide for him as well. Otherwise, if you can make it without a full-time assistant and do with the help of friends or fellow travelers and providing for mechanical devices available to facilitate your hajj, then you ought to perform the pilgrimage.
The experience shows that many of those with impaired vision can get along very hell with some minor assistance from others as they are often endowed with extra sensitivity to find their way through even the most difficult terrain. So, if you can undertake the journey both financially and physically in the manner described above, then you have a duty to perform the obligatory Hajj. You may do well to remember some of the major rituals such as tawaf can be done through the help of others (paid or voluntary) while you may delegate the ritual pelting someone else - if you are unable to do so by yourself.


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