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Question: As Salam Wa Alaikum I like Rumaisah as my new baby girl name. Can you please tell me if I can keep this name. Many thanks in advance.
According to the best of my knowledge, there is no precedent for using this name. The root meaning of rams is burying; so if you call anyone Ramees or Rameesah or Rumaisa, it would mean the buried one. So, it is not a pleasant name to call your daughter. Who would like to call his or her daughtered 'the buried one'!
Therefore, I would not recommend this name. You should choose some other good name; here is a few of them:
Maleehah, Sabeehah, Sameerah, Shakirah, Sajidah, Hafsah, Huda, Safiyyah, Khadijah, Aishah, etc.
On the etiquettes of naming children, please refer to the answer linked below:


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