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Question: I am newly married my mom is asking me to divorce my wife since she is short in height but they themselves search girl for me.... She is very stubborn in regards of my divorce she is pressurising me a lot. Kindly let me know in accordance with the quran and sunnah whether I have to listen my mother or not. If I don't listen to her is it sinful act?
You are not allowed to divorce your wife because she is short. Your mother knew this, and she chose her for you and you married her. So, you cannot change your mind now. Your mom is wrong in insisting that you divorce her for this frivolous reason. 
 Although you are to honor your mom, you cannot so by causing harm to anyone: your mother, yourself or your wife. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “There shall be no toleration of inflicting harm or reciprocating harm with harm.” 
Divorce is a sin unless valid reasons are warranting it. It is the most detestable of all permitted acts in the sight of Allah for the simple reason that it destroys the family, severs relations and may even emotional harm to the children as well as to the parties involved. Therefore, divorce is the last resort. 
The fact that your wife is short does not warrant a divorce. Divorce is a sin unless it can be justified. That would be the case if she was guilty of infidelity or is notorious for bad character, or she is oppressive and abusive towards your mother. If such were the case, your mom would be justified in ordering you to divorce her. 
Your wife did not choose to be short; rather, it was the way Allah created her. So your mother is protesting against Allah for faulting her for her height. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “Allah does not look at your shapes or appearances; rather He looks at your hearts and actions.” He also said, “It is a grave sin for a Muslim to despise his brother/sister.”
For sure we ought to honor our parents, serve them, take care of them and act most kindly towards them. Your mother outweighs those of your father. However, all of these are conditional on the fact that by doing so you are in no way disobeying the Creator. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “There is no obedience to a mortal in disobedience to the Creator.”
Marriage is a solemn contract we have entered in the name of Allah. As such, we are not allowed to break it for flimsy reasons. In other words, divorce is sinful unless warranted by reasons. 
By divorcing your wife for no fault of her own, you are disobedient to Allah; therefore, you are not allowed to obey your mother. The fact that your wife is short is not her fault. That is the way Allah created her. So by finding fault with her because of she is short, she is dishonoring Allah, the Creator. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “Allah does not look at your shapes or appearances; rather, He looks at your hearts (and actions).”
A person asked Imam Ahmad, "My mother is ordering me to divorce my wife; should I obey her?", he replied, "No." Then the man asked, "Didn't the Caliph Umar order his son to divorce his wife?"  He replied, "You may divorce your wife when your mother becomes like Umar!" 
In other words, Umar had right reasons for ordering his son to divorce his wife, while that is not the case with your mother who wants to please her ego! We are to obey Allah and not our ego.

Having said this, let me rush to add: The fact you are choosing to disobey your mother on this issue does not justify your ill-treatment of her. Rather, you ought to honor and serve your mother and pray that Allah guides her and soften her heart towards your wife.

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