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Question: As salaam aleikum. I have a question to ask. We are a Muslim family living permanently in non Muslim country. I wanted to know what s our condition on eating non halal meat /chicken beef/. Also our kids attend nursery and primary schools and eat cooked lunches prepared by schools its made of non halal meat. /they kindly let me bring for them home made lunch only if there is lunch made of pork that day on school menu otherwise they eat chicken or beef/. I have no other choice in schools. I wonder is it for us haram to prepare and eat non halal meat /Im talking chicken and beef/ even in non Muslim country or is it permissible for us according our situation?Thanks for some answers. D.
If the halal meat is available in your city, you should go for it. If, however, it is not available then you may eat the meat as long it is killed by the Christians or Jews. 
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