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Question: I am a 42yrs old male I observed that whenever am in congregational prayers the person on my right and my left feel very uncomfortable due to an unpleasant odour emanating from my body. Can I pray my solat at home until I find medical solution to the problem. I need help please.
I pray to Allah to grant you complete cure from all of your challenging medical issues. I would urge you to use this du'a on a regular basis:
Allaahumma inee a'oodhu bika min sayyi;i al-asqaami wa al-akhlaaq
(O Allah, I seek refuge and protection from you from all unpleasant diseases and bad manners)
If your body odour can be removed by use of scented soap or other safe methods you should resort to them and attend the congregational prayer. If, however, nothing helps and it is unavoidable then you should stay away from congregational prayers including Jumu'ah if the odor is offensive to the worshippers. You will be rewarded for your intention if you pray at home because of your valid excuse.
The Prophet (peace be upon him) advised those who eat garlic to absent themselves from attending the congregational prayers until they remove the foul odors in their mouths that are offensice to the worshippers.
Based on this, schoalrs are of the opinion that those who have body odors that are offensive to others should not attend the prayers in the mosque until they are cured.


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