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Question: I am a devout Muslimah who prays five times a day but the fact my husband will have Hoor al ayn makes me nervous and uncomfortable. It is affecting my relationship with Allah and I don't feel that much desire for Jannah. How can I accept the fact my husband gets Hoor al Ayn without it making me nervous or have a grudge?
You need not have any anxieties or fears over such matters that belong to the life after death. You may do well to remember that the experiences of life beyond death are beyond our ordinary reasoning and comprehension.
As Ibn Abbas said, "there is nothing in the hereafter of the physical matters here except names."
Allah says, "No soul can foresee (the precise nature of ) the perfect bliss kept hidden for them in the next world..." And the Prophet (peace be upon him) said, "In the hereafter, such bliss awaits the believer the like of which no one has seen or heard about, and no mind could ever conceive." So such delightful experiences are promised to both men and women. 
Therefore, never depress themselves by making such false comparisons. Rest assured of Allah's promise of perfect bliss awaiting the believers in the next world.

I pray to Allah to make us worthy of paradise and save us from the torments of hellfire.

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