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Question: I have a qeaifutaion later on today for finishing reading the holy Quran. But I just found out my teacher believes that after Muhammed there was another messenger and prophet wich I disagree with. I want to know if it is still ok for me to go and get my certificate and offilavly graduate from reading the Quran. She did not teach any Islamic studies just finish the Quran and I worked realy hard to finish reading the Quran do is it ok to go the masjid graduate and have iftar
One of the central tenets of Islamic faith is that Prophet Muhammad is the seal of prophets, and therefore there is no other prophet or messenger to come after him. If anyone refuses to accept this tenet he or she goes out of the fold of Islam. 
Therefore, if your teacher believe there is another prophet or messenger to come after Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), then he is not a Muslim.
As a Muslim, you cannot learn Qur'an from someone who does not believe in the Prophet Muhammad as the final messenger and prophet. Such a certificate has no value in Islam. Therefore, I would urge you to get your training and certificate from someone who believes in the Quran and accepts all of its teachings.  


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