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Question: I am 14 years old and lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks of doing Ramadan. My parents said I am too weak to handle a fast but I feel fine. Should I still do it?

You should check with your doctor; let him advise you whether your health can endure the rigors of fasting. You are not allowed to skip the fast unless fasting is detrimental to your health. If he advises against it, then you should skip it.

If you hope your condition to improve, then you should make it up later.  If, however, you don't expect recovery, then you ought to pay Fidyah (expiation). Fidyah entails feeding a poor person for each day of fast you miss. In Canada it is estimated to be ten dollars. So, you would pay three hundred dollars to a trusted charity such as Islamic Relief and advise them it is towards Fidyah. 

I pray to Allah to grant you sound health.


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