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Question: Salam. I am a young Muslim woman. I was just wondering I started my period last Wednesday and I thought I hadn't finished on Monday so I had that special shower women are meant to have but the next day I saw I was still on my period what should I do? Am i meant to hve the same special shower again or can I just do wudu normally

You are free of menses only when your bleeding has completely stopped, and you see the white discharge, following your regular pattern. However, after you have seen the white discharge, if you experience pinkish or brownish discharges, you need not worry. Umm Atiyyah, the Prophet's companion, said, " During the Prophet's time, we never used to pay attention to the pinkish or brownish discharges that followed the expiry of menses."  (Reported by Imam Bukhari and others).

All the above, however, is conditional on the fact that your menses period did not exceed fifteen days. For bleeding after fifteen days cannot be reckoned as menses; rather it is reckoned as istihadhah (abnormal bleeding). In the case of istihadhah, you need to pray after having taken a full bath at the end of your period; then you wash your private and make wudhu before each prayer. Washing and wudhu should only be done immediately prior to each salah.

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