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Question: Assalamu alikum va rahamatullahi va barakathuhu I am pursuing chartered accountancy course in India. Our job is to verify the accounts of companies and banks that if there are any frauds or misstatements. We only verify and we do not prepare the accounts. My question is whether doing bank audit is haram?
Your job as an accountant in this capacity is lawful. There is nothing wrong in it. Rather, you are helping prevent corruption.
Big companies and banks allegedly exploit the investors; since people need to resort to banks for essential services your job as an accountant helps protect their valuable investments and accounts.  You are doing your best to clean up their acts or prevent them from committing corruption.
Therefore, you are rendering a valuable service. As such, you should have no qualms about the lawful nature of your job.
However, having said this, I should also advise you to cleanse your income of taints of Haram associated with it as banks mostly deal with interest. The best way of cleansing it is to give optional charities you can afford besides making lots of Istighfaar.
Allah says, “Most certainly, good deeds blot out the evil deeds; this is a reminder for the mindful.” (Qur’an: 11:114). And, Allah says, “Allah loves those who are ever repentant and engage in performing acts of purification.” (Qur’an: 2: 222).
I pray to Allah to make us among those who consistently turn to Him in repentance. Amen.


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