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Question: My elder Sister refuses to read my Late Fathers Will after 10 years still but she has taken the house he has left us all
If what you allege her to be true then she is committing a grave sin; it is indeed a most grievous sin for her to take over the entire property your father has left behind, thus denying the rights of other legal heirs. Let her know that she will not be able to escape the judgment of Allah on the day of judgment.
The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, "The bankrupt person of my community is the one who appears before Allah with prayers, fasts, charities, and yet has been guilty of insulting someone, robbing another, shedding the blood of another, and beaten another. So, Allah will divide up the rewards of his good deeds among his or her victims; if his good deeds are exhausted before they are paid off, Allah will dump their sins on him or her, and thus flung him or her to the fire-pit!” (Reported by Tirmidhi and others on the authority of Abu Hurayrah).
No faithful  Muslim can afford to choose hellfire over a piece of property she has unlawfully appropriated; no matter how she may enjoy it now, she is bound to leave it all when Allah calls her to face His judgment. You should ask the Imam or scholar in your community to make her understand the enormity of sin she is committing. If you choose, you may show this answer to her.
I pray that Allah inspires her wisdom to come to senses and agree to distribute the property as written in the will – as per the requirements of Islamic Laws of Inheritance.
If she does not agree with it, you may take legal actions necessary to make her comply with the wishes of the legal heirs.


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