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Question: Hi I unable to reach when my uncle passed away. My cousins did a video call and gave me the opportunity to see him for the last time. Some elders told it is wrong and the dead person is under sin because of this. Please confirm.
I pray to Allah to forgive your uncle and grant him a place in paradise; I also pray to Allah to inspire his bereaved family to accept His will with patience.
There was nothing wrong with you in seeing your uncle on video before he passed away. 
It is not different from seeing your uncle while he was fully healthy. You are allowed to video chat with your uncle as long as he is alive, whether he was in sick bed or not.
It may not be a good idea to display his body after the death; however, since he is your uncle, it is not objectionable for you to have a final view since you could not make it home to be by his side.
The elders who make such judgments are being rather harsh or rigid; there is no sound evidence for them to hold on to such views.
It is good for us to know that as per the rules of jurisprudence, things are permissible unless proven otherwise. Since there is no proof to forbid it, it shall be deemed as permissible.


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