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Question: Assalamualikum I wanted to ask about the performing of ghusl before fajr. In some places where fajr happens around 2:30 am to 3 am if a person has intercourse the night before and then wishes to perform fajr is it compolsary to perform complete ghusl before fajr at a time like 2 am or is there any other way through which this can be avoided till the morning.
Allah says: "Verily, Prayer at the appointed times is indeed a duty prescribed on the believers." (Qur'an: 4: 103).
And the Prophet (peace be upon him) said, "The best deed in the sight of Allah is to pray at the appointed time." (Reported by Tabarani and others).
Purification from both minor and major impurities is a condition for the validity of Prayer. 
Therefore,  following intercourse Ghusl is necessary.  Therefore, you ought to perform it before praying Fajr. There is no need to do it before the arrival of Fajr;  you need to it before the time of Fajr expires.  In other words, since you ought to pray before sunrise, you may do it anytime before that. 
I pray to Allah to bless us to cherish Salah and make it a sure means of salvation for us in the next world.


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