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Question: Assamau Alaikum. I'm a muslim man 43 doctor from bangladesh. I ve been married for 12 years and have two kids. My wife is also doctor. Recently accidently I ve discovered that my wife has extramarital relationship with a businessman who is also a married person. when I asked her directly about this relationship she confessed to me that she has this type of relationship and they had a regular sexual relationship for the last one and a half years secretly. I didnt noticed that coz I had to stay outside my district due to my job purpose. Now she confessed for what she has done and wants to come back to me .My question is that as she comminted Zinna so is my marriage is valid or not. and what is the shariah rule in this case if she again wants to do marriage life wife me
I empathize with you and pray to Allah to give you peace of mind and inspire you to choose a course of action that is beneficial for you in this world and the next. 
There is no doubt she has committed adultery which is one of the most heinous sins in Islam. If she persists in such a relationship, then you are not allowed to remain married to her; you ought to divorce her. If, however, she is truly remorseful and has taken the necessary steps to seek repentance and cut off all relations with the man then you may give her a second chance - if only you can trust her.
For further details, I would advise you to refer to my answer linked below: 


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