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Question: Which is best and beautiful translation of Quran in English in India.. Please tell publication name also...2.)best book to learn namaz(salah) completely.. 3.)please suggest me books to learn Islam completely
There is no single translation of the Qur'an I can recommend. No translation of the Qur'an can even come close to rendering the enduring miracle, beauty, and depth of the Divine Word. Mind you the Qur'an is the standing miracle of the Prophet (peace be upon him). The Prophet (peace be upon him) described it as a revealed word whose freshness cannot diminish any time and its meanings are inexhaustible.  Every famous translator of the Qur'an would vouch for this fact. See for instance the introductions by Marmaduke Pickthall and Muhammad Asad. 
Therefore, I can only say that the most readily available translation of the Qur'an in India is that of Yusuf Ali. You should also refer to the translations of Picktall, Asad, also that of Abdel Haleem (published by Oxford Press). 
As for a textbook on Islam, the best I would recommend is: Islam in Focus by By HAMMUDAH ABDALATI. 
For further study, you may read the following:
2) Inner Dimensions of Islamic Worship by Ghazzali translated by Muhtar Holland
3) Faith by Ibn Taymiyyah
4) Ideal Muslim by Hashimi
5) Lawful and the Prohibited in Islam by Yusuf al-Qaradawi.
I pray to Allah to inspire you to seek knowledge to bless your efforts.


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